Hello everyone.
Another request by two people.
I went on the search without realizing the request is tipped. ><

The request was Hyuna's pumps during Troublemaker the MV and the performance. They are from Steve Madden's holiday collection. They are called Partyy-r which fits the mood of the song quite well. Available here for $129.95 from Steve Madden's online shop. 

Credits: Kazue
credits before realizing it was tipped: shopstyle and a Russian website I do not know the name of

Side note: These shoes would be awesome for prom.
First time seeing Troublemaker reminded me of Sexy Back. 

One last note: I have been away from kpop for months so I do not know what's going on except for something called Exo? and the things from the requests. If anyone has suggestions on telling me who is "in" right now and which websites provides the best news that would be wonderful.

I lied, another last note: There will be contests coming up!

Maria :D

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