Everything is better naked

Tip from Tae

Here we go! Computer is all good so another post tonight! I feel like the whole world's weight has been taken off my shoulders!

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EXO-K's Se Hun wore Marc by Marc Jacobs' Photo Studio Tee for EXO's debut promo pics.

This shirt is only available in stores. However, here's an ebay link because I'm amazing! :)

You can see the shirt on the official site here.

I'm liking the EXO style. Really. If everything goes well you guys will be seeing a lot of EXO finds here! (Plus they're SM and I'm better attuned to SM's stylists, it'll be fun)!

SeHun is super hot in photos, but in the videos that he was in, he's so derpy and dorky! I like him already~

But for all you perverted fans out there... That shirt... Very suggestive if you know what I mean. :D

By the way! I saw our other post on some exo tumblrs that I check regularly! They cited us and everything! It makes me very happy!


Credits: Tae, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Sment, Sment's facebook
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