Year Two Contest WINNERS

Hey guys!

PLNDR helped sponsor a contest for our readers back in October for celebration of our 2nd anniversary. You can see that post here.

Did you hear that? Back in October.

Sorry for being slow.

Anyway the results are in, so I'm going to walk you guys through the voting process and how we determined the winners.

Our Winners are...

1st Place

Christy Nguyen
21 Years Old

2nd Place

Linda Chen
16 Years Old

3rd Place

Mélissa Laurençon
15 Years Old


If you want information on how I determined the votes, click below the cut!

Okay. So to begin, I picked this method of voting because it's the most straightforward, I didn't want to use any weighted systems or any systems involving matrices. So here we go.

Remember that poll we had a while ago? I asked you guys to pick a writer and didn't tell you why.

I won. So therefore, I was the person excluded from voting. I was supposed to vote to break any tiebreakers. You'll understand in a second.

Now. Lauren, Jessica, and Mitch voted on the contest, I won't divulge whose vote is whose.

Ballot 1:
1. Christy
2. Melissa
3. Linda

Ballot 2:
1. Linda
2. Nicole
3. Christy

Ballot 3:
1. Christy
2. Amanda
3. Lucy

First place was awarded 6 points, second was awarded 4, and third was awarded 2.

Therefore, the totals came out like this.

Christy: 6+6+2=14
Melissa: 4=4
Linda: 6+2=8
Lucy: 2=2
Amanda: 4=4

Now, as you can see, the red ones are first and second place, but the blue ones are all tied for third.

This is where my tiebreaker comes in. I voted on the three outfits while concealing the names for a blind, fair judgement.

1. Melissa
2. Nicole
3. Amanda

Therefore, Melissa became our third place winner.

Thanks so much to everyone who applied! We will hopefully have more contests in the future, keep your eyes peeled.

We love you guys~


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