I give in

Okay guys. In the duration of a couple hours I got lots of requests to go through with the daily posts. So here I go!

NEW YEARS RESOLUTION (a little late albeit, but still): POST ON KWORLDSTYLE EVERY DAY.

I initiate this with a scheduled post :) My favorite girl group!

(click to enlarge)

T-ara's Eunjung wore Star Styling's Triangle Vest from their F/W 2011/2012 collection at T-ara's comeback stage for Lovey Dovey on Music Core on January 7th (2012).

Stylists altered the sleeves on all the girls shirts (except for a few). Congrats to the CCM stylists for delving a little outside of their safety zone! I rarely see T-ara in anything non-korean.

You can pick it up here.

As for upcoming posts. I have so many I want to cry. EXO tomorrow. Lots of troublemaker. More T-ara. Uh, what else... f(x) I think. Some really late Shinee and some really late SNSD.

Do you know how you can keep me going? COMMENT ON FACEBOOK! COMMENT ON POSTS! I like to see that people actually read what I put effort into.


Credits: CCM, hottestforever06 @YT (for screencap), Star Styling
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