Whistling is Fun

You guys asked for it! I thought that posting all of the troublemaker finds would be redundant, since most of them are pretty obvious... But I guess not because when I asked everybody was like "TROUBLEMAKERRRRRRRRRRRRRR".

So here we go!

(click to enlarge)

In Troublemaker's music video for Troublemaker, 4minute's Hyuna sported Louboutin's daffodile brodee pumps (these were made for the celebration of the company's anniversary).

I have no legit buylinks, all the ones I can find seem kind of sketchy. Comment if you have a good one.

Here's a link with information.

You wanted shoes? I gave you shoes. More to come. Lots more to come.

The brands are really obvious. I kid you not, my go to brands for shoes are going to be coming up in the next couple of days.


Credits: Cube, Louboutin
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