It isn't often that we thank you guys for everything you do for us. Without our readers' support, there's no ways we could be where we are now.
It's really hard to imagine it's already been two years for this blog, and the newbie writers from last year have already been here so long.
We really love you guys for all your support!

Thank you for everyone who follows our blog. Thank you to everyone who comments and supports us. Thank you to everyone who follows our twitter, facebook, and tumblr. Thank you for all the glorious tips you guys send us that make our lives better.

As per tradition, here's a chatbox to talk to us with. It's the one that's on the sidebar, but now it's in a post :P I'll be on~

Say hello to all of our writers!
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This year, we actually have a contest for you guys~ Check under the cut for more!

Guess who was kind enough to sponsor a contest for you guys? Yes, PLNDR, who we advertise on this site as well~

THIS is how the giveaway is going to work!

Start time: Tuesday October 4th, 2011 --> NOW!
End time: Tuesday October 25th, 2011 --> 11:59 PM EST

The Prizes: There are THREE places! PLNDR has offered us giftcodes of 100, 75, and 50 (US Dollars).

How to enter:
Send us your favorite outfit in an email to [email protected]!
You can send us a picture of you wearing it, or an image of your favorite pieces compiled. You also should be a member of PLNDR (it's free, you can make one now if you don't already have one with this link (it simply notes that you joined through us)), we need you to have an account to even give you the prize.

Please include this information in this format in your email:Name:
PLNDR account:
We recommend joining AND signing in through us... You can just follow that link there...
How you describe your style:
Your favorite k-pop group(s):
Whether or not k-pop influenced your outfit:

If you're under eighteen, please ask your guardian for permission.

We will pick our winners!
Thank you guys!
Another random contest from Maria. One random prize and an amazon gift card will be given to those who do not wish to submit an outfit. Email us at [email protected] with the title "The other contest" and submit anything you like. This can be a banner, a story or a poem.

Happy contesting!
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