Sooyoung only loves Pauls and Joes

Hey! Request! I will get to tips soon~ Prooooomiiissseee~

Requested by Keiah!

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In a photo taken with fans, SNSD's Sooyoung wore shorts from Paul & Joe's Ready To Wear 2011 S/S Collection. I love how the photo-taker edited out the fans' faces...

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Then, on the way to KBS Music Bank's Festival in Tokyo Dome at Incheon International Airport she wore a dress from the same collection in the same pattern.

I have a lot of SNSD finds, seriously. They tend to wear the same brands over and over again, so it's easy to find one piece and a bunch more along with it.

This is a good example of why you should never give up with your requests. I looked for those shorts for three hours one day, and I just stumbled upon them when I was browsing Elle's website... Random luck!

You can look at where I found it here. I don't have a buylink, please comment if you have one.

I'm glad Sooyoung is healthy again!


Credits: Paul & Joe, Elle, Sment
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