So late so late!

Finally got onto blogger, so there will be two posts "today".

Here's a pretty big one... Funny story. I found these the day that "The Boys" came out, and I should totally have posted them immediately, but I got so lazy with the image editing, and now so many other sites have found the same stuff that it's kind of idiotic that I'm even bothering at this point...

But I will anyway because I know you love me and forgive me (or at least, I love me and forgive me).

(click to enlarge)

In "The Boys" music video, SNSD's Jessica wore a perwinkle and black dress from Lie Sang Bong's F/W 2010 collection.

I have no buylink. Do you?

(click to enlarge)

Seohyun wore a purple flower patterned dress from Lie Sang Bong's F/W 2008 collection as well.

I haven't a buylink for this one either.

Here's the site with more information on the designer.

Now, just a note. These finds made my life royally more difficult. This post means that SNSD's stylists went hardcore. They're wearing clothing from seasons PAST. YEARS past. I'll do my best to go hard on SNSD, but from what I'm aware of, a lot of our writers are out as of now.

I can't credit all the other places that have posted this find (because by know, things have hit tumblr and there's no saving me now). So credits to them (even though I totally found it first) ;P.

Btw, SNSD wears a lot of Lie Sang Bong in general, so this find isn't actually that hard. Oh and more Lie Sang Bong to come, I didn't want an obnoxiously long post.


Credits: Sment, Lie Sang Bong
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