rainboots in heaven

Year 2 Baby!

Guess what? Jaejoong is wearing a pair of rainboots in the picture above. I did not believe it either until the picture of the rainboots on the right. But at least they are really expensive ones from a brand that has been producing boots for over 100 years. The brand Aigle makes these boots called Equibelle. They usually retail from 160 - 200$. I cannot find a buy link but...what are the chances anyone is going to buy them?
Also, the brand Aigle makes those strawberry, orange and apple rainboots that Orange Caramel, Kara and other kpop stars wears.

Credits: fashion follows yoochun and forgot ><

Maria :D
Happy Year 2
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I wonder if I should put this under DBSK or JYJ. T_T

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