Original Cheap Taemin

I found a random picture of Taemin from some performance...if someone wants to tell me which one...there are so many...
He is wearing a Jeremy Scott Adidas ObyO Orange Cage TrackSuit Top..btw sorry for all of the JS ObyO stuff....it is easy and yea....
He is also wearing a Cheap Monday UU top in white
A black Cheap Necklace by Cheap Monday

There is a possibility that the shirt just says cheap...but as I didnt not find one ANYWHERE it is most likely that it is a t-shirt and a necklace.

As we all know...Jessica(me) Loves TAEMIN to the end of the earth. So this post made me very happy!! ♥♥♥♥♥

EDITS BY KOKO: Buylinks anyone?

Image edited by Koko
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