Color scheme

Tip from Tani and requested by Ainnan

She commented "Alexander Wang," on the post for his shirt, so I was like... *SEARCH RAPIDLY*. I'll explain what threw me off after the picture...

(click to enlarge)

At Incheon International Airport, Shinee's Taemin wore Alexander Wang's Walker Graffiti With Nickel Hardware backpack (drawstring).

Now, this was actually a 19th birthday gift from one of Taemin's fansites, "Intaemin," so they posted a picture of the present.

Notice how the color scheme is off, so that confused me for a bit until I got a good pic of Taemin with the bag.

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Credits: tolovemaknaetaemin @ tumblr, Sment, Alexander Wang, Intaemin, Tani
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