As you know, I recently found out about the 2011 Dream concert pics, and I've been posting on some of the clothes worn there...

I would also like to apologize, since these ARE so late, and also terribly easy to find (whenever on the red carpet, most female celebrities wear dresses from easily recognizable big name brands, such as Gucci), some of these may have been posted by other sites, and I'm not running through all of them to give 'em credit.

Also, another note, you might question why I'm not posting on Shinee or f(x)'s clothes (since I always do). A lot of people said they wanted some more variety in the posting, instead of just straight up SMtown, so I decided to attack everybody else before I give in to hunting down my biases. Got it? Thassall.

Now, to the post!

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At the 2011 Dream Concert, Kara's Hara wore Valentino's Embellished Silk Strapless Dress from their S/S 2011 collection.

You can get it here.


Credits: dailykpopnews, Netaporter, Valentino, DSP media
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