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I'm still deciding whether to post that cheap monday and pancoat btw (to Eliza) I may later, when I'm not so backlogged on tips.

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4minute's Jiyoon wore a dress from KTZ's 2010 collection in the Huh music video (my favorite video and song from 4minute by the way).

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Beast's Kikwang wore a jacket from General Idea's F/W 2010 Collection in the Beautiful Music Video.

I don't have buylinks for either piece, it's especially hard to get in stock links for KTZ and General Idea... Even when they're in season. Comment if you have some!

So late on these finds, so sorry! Seriously, I still have a buttload of Eliza's tips to post, and I need to make a new banner!


Credits: Eliza, General Idea, Kokon To Zai, Cube
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