More potential

I think we've got almost every piece of clothing at this event.

If you're curious for their clothes, you can check here or here.

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At the MTV VMAJs, Shinee's Taemin, Jonghyun, and Onew wore shirts from Human Potential's S/S 2011 collection.

Now, I was excited that I found this, but I'm also pretty sure it's sponsored, because I went to hunt images of the shirt, and it led me to Human Potential on facebook, and there were shinee pics there. So either it was sponsored or Human Potential spotted it too...

I HATE it when people post (blatantly) sponsored clothing as "finds" or "ids" and by blatantly, I mean, they're standing against a white background, holding the sponsored item and/or pointing at it, and the brand is written in a caption. That my friend, is not a find, that is a sponsored product, that is really obvious. But I admit, it cannot be avoided there is so much sponsoring in the industry nowadays.

So, bonus pic (pretty sure it's blatantly sponsored) of Amber in Human Potential

I'm sorry for my fail, oh and this is scheduled...


Credits: Human Potential (facebook [is it official?]),, alm0stperfect, SFI
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