Key is adorable

He is. Don't deny it.

Anyway, making a post while I schedule some for later this week. Be prepared for some Horace soon.

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On August 15th, (2011) at Incheon International Airport, Shinee's Key wore Horace's S/S 2011 Green and white monsters cheese shirt. He also wore the shirt on a recording for Star King that has yet to be aired, here is a picture:

Before you guys go bat crazy like "THAT SHIRT ISN'T THE SAME IT DOESN'T SAY MONSTERS" my response is. DEAL WITH IT. It's supposed to say Monsters... But lord knows that I can't find that image or that buylink, so if you have one, please comment or I may die of stress... I don't understand why it's the "Monsters" shirt when it doesn't say "Monsters" it's supposed to, but the one being sold doesn't HAVE it. I know it's Horace. I know.

For the one in the picture here.

Did I mention they're adorable?


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