The end of a hot summer

This is late, this is soooooo late, but whatever, you guys still love me right? *shifty eyes*

This is partially Jessica's find (I added Tiffany to the bunch and hunted down all the images)... It's mostly Jessica's find.

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Big Bang's TOP (in Stupid Liar Promo Pics), SNSD's Tiffany (In Vogue Korea April 2011), and f(x)'s Krystal (Hot Summer Music Video) all wore the same hat from Bell & Nouveau's Art Object Collection.

Korean brand, their pictures are really artistic and interesting to look at. No buylink, please comment if you have one.

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Krystal also wore Kokon To Zai's Quilted Dress for Topshop's Emerge line (I think back in F/W 2010).

Since it's out of season, no buylink, comment if you've got one.

More to come. This is a scheduled post. :)


Credits: Bell & Nouveau, kid gnarly (for images and information), Topshop, KTZ, SME, YG, Vogue (Korea), Jessica
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