Tips for MBLAQ

Thanks so much for the tips from Eliza! Who has tipped us before!

And to Mariel for the tip as well!

The interesting thing is, Mariel actually requested what Eliza tipped, and it's from the same site!

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In the Mona Lisa Music Video, MBLAQ's G.O. wore a Military Jacket from Deepstyle.

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Then Mariel let us know that in the July 17th performance of Mona Lisa on Inkigayo, Joon wore a Printed Tank Top from the same site.

Jacket here and shirt here.

EDIT: Jess Hyong let us know that the brand is ROC STAR (I have no link under that brand). I'm not going to say deepstyle sells knockoffs, because they could sell the items on behalf of ROC STAR. For example, Joyrich sells Adidas and Gerlan Jeans in their store sometimes, and w.dressroom is cited under General Idea's site because they hold a lot of their items in stock.

More Eliza to come! Lots of tips! (Seriously, she's amazing, so fast)


Credits: Mariel, Eliza, Deepstyle, J. Tune, d22yan @ YT
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