Record time

This was requested by linoone about 50 minutes ago, so I say this is record time on a request (I haven't posted for a day or two, I'm sorry).

I have been panicking over high-schooley things. (I know that isn't a word, don't judge) I may actually give myself a panic attack, it's bad.

I am REALLY behind on tips and things I'm supposed to post for other writers. Really. But requests are first priority, so here you go. I think I may schedule some posts.

So, this is a double find, and I'm surprised I didn't post it, considering how obvious it is...

(click to enlarge)

Shinee's Taemin wore KTZ's S/S 2011 Oversized Emblem Jacket at their debut reception in London (the picture is from their facebook) and Infinite's Sung Jong wore the same jacket in their Nothing's Over Music Video (both in gray).

I have a buylink, but they're out of stock, and probably won't ever go back in stock, but you can check here anyway. That's the problem with things that are out of season...


Credits: KTZ, opening ceremony, smtown's facebook, linoone
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