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On a recent episode of We Got Married, f(x)'s Victoria wore Adidas Originals; W Stripe Tee from S/S 2011 (I think).

T-ara's Jiyeon wore it before.

You may notice that the striping is a bit different on the left and right pictures. For some reason, I can't access any sites with info on the piece, so I'm just going with reasoning. Jiyeon's top and Vic's have the same exact striping, and Jiyeon was with the rest of the Mucore mcs, and they all wore identifiable Adidas pieces which makes me think "sponsored." They wouldn't send her a fake if it was sponsored, and a lot of pieces have different versions of striping and stuff, so whatever.

I don't have a buylink, please tell me if you have one. EDIT: Mitch got one, here.

I scheduled some posts, and I'm trying to catch up on tips and stuff, but there are so many!


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