More, Teen Top this time.

Admittedly, I really like Teen Top, they're cute and talented.

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I have finally grown sick of my images showing up unnaturally small, and of this stupid shirt... I'm trying a new way of posting images (aka, copying what Maria does because I'm a dumb html challenged lazy child). It's showing up fuzzy, but that's okay for now, I'll tweak in the future.

Well, in Teen Top's new video for "Don't Wear Perfume" Niel wore what is now beginning to annoy me (just a little). The Jeremy Scott shirt that has been worn by... Everyone.

Exhibit one: Jongkey.

Exhibit two: Dara

Those are the babies that WE posted, but trust me, there's more.

So much so that Hara even wore a knockoff.

No buylink... You couldn't pay me a million dollars to go look for that shirt. Comment if you have one.


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