Missssss A~

Mistah Johnny Johnny~ Mistah Jahlit Jahlit~

I love the new album, really, go Miss A (JIA LOOKIN' FIERCE!). For serious, my Jia bias almost rivals my Sooyoung bias... But not quite my Krystal bias... I like Suzy too, and Fei's gorgeous. I like Min too, especially her personality, she was great on 100 points out of 100. :3 Miss A love~

Sorry, lazy post, deal with it. I'm working on my image editing skills, so I can bring you higher quality stuff!

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In Miss A's Goodbye Baby promotional pictures, Min sported Cheap Monday's Moon Rhodium Necklace from S/S 2011.

We have seen this necklace on Shinee's Key and Onew.

It's nice since we don't really find much Miss A...

It's out of stock, since it's last season :( You can try on ebay!

How many posts was that today? Four? Five? You're welcome. (Just kidding, it was fun!)


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