Le moustache de Gaga

Maria here again :)
Some male power today...with Key! at the 2011 MTV Music Aid Japan Awards specialbly the Press Room and the performance.

At Aid Japan Shinee's Key makes tribute to the two biggest names that night - Japan and Lady Gaga. The colorful drape? hoodie? jacket Key wears is from Mercibeucoup, a Japanese brand. I am Japanese illerate so I do not know what the item's name is ヌノドラポー. If anyone can translate that, it will be awesome...(Nikki?). It is here for 28,875 Yen. Comfortably snuggling underneathe is a Eleven Paris Moustache Lady Gaga tee. The text that appears under her portait says "Life is a lie." It was available in different colors but now they are sold in a matter of one day. The remaining places to buy online is here (36 Euros) and here (27 Euros) both black.

ps. the life is a lie tee also features Barrack Obama, Kate Moss, Queen Elizabeth and Kanye West
pps. I originally wrote this up on Friday but come Sunday the links stopped working. This post is a re-write with working links.
ppps. next week I will have no time to post...btw this is Maria

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