Key is a virgin again?

He's LIKE a virgin... Heh...

Anyways, we posted on this shirt on him before, so it's silly that I'm doing this.

However, there is an addition, one requested by "Guest" in the chatbox... Seriously guys, there's a requests tab. Really.

Now, I saw this brooch while I was looking through this brand before (we made a post on a tip not to long ago), but I can't find any images of the brooch... Except one, and I think it's from our friend coordi nuna who is currently unvisitable due to bandwidth issues, but credits to them, because they may or may not have posted this before (I'm not sure, can't access the site).

(click to enlarge)

In an (old) me2day update, Shinee's Key wore Joyrich's Like a Virgin tee (from quite a few seasons ago) and a Perks and Mini Iris Brooch (from a couple seasons ago too).

No buylinks for either of them. Sorry. Got one? Comment.


Credits: Coordi Nuna (?), me2day, Joyrich, Perks and Mini
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