Jonghyun's Perks

I actually named the folder on my desktop for this post "pimpin'." That's all, just "pimpin." This is a scheduled post by the way, more for later today (it'll be scheduled too).

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In Paris (on smtown's facebook), Shinee's Jonghyun wore Perks and Mini's Turbulant Tee in blue, there aren't very good shots of the blue shirt on their site, so you might ask how I'm sure? The shirt has a distinct cut on the front, so I'm sure.

's the link. $169~ Whew!

I was going to crop Amber out, because I like cropping out extraneous peoples in the pictures, but she was too much of a pimp to crop out. So there she is, in all her glory!

Shinee likes this brand :3


Credits: facebook smtown, SME, Perks and Mini, someday-store
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