I'm sick of Hyuna's butt, this is a fashion post

Maria here.
So I have been starring at Hyuna's butt for the last half hour trying to figure out her jeans.
I am able to find one but the rest are still a mystery. And quite frankly, I am pretty sick of her looking at her butt. If anyone else can help us identify her jeans please leave a tip...because I can not stare at it any longer.

Here's the find.

Here it is! From her Bubble Pop MV.
4minute's Hyuna in one scene where she ends up on the floor wears the only pair of Hudson jeans that are identifiable. The other may be but I have not found matches. This pair is Hudson Hampton Cuffed Short from their recent collection. It is available here for $165
Also for confirmation I have marked my reference points to match them. The tiny symbol of the British flag is visible in both examples. Also, the pocket you see is Hudson's signature pocket. This matches the pocket on Hyuna's bum.

Credit: youtube cap by me ><, Hudson

Maria :D
Going to the beach tomorrow!!

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