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The time has come... *waddle waddle* Yes, the images have funny titles again, if you click on them. If it says click to enlarge, I made a funny name, keep that in mind.

This is the non Shinee part of my post, and it contains many repeats, so technically, I didn't do that good of a job with "interesting finds." I'm warning you, the Shinee post coming up has ZERO variety in it, I was originally going to post on Key's Mercibeaucoup cape that Maria just posted, and that was the wee bit of variety left in that post.

So here it goes!

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That, is the Disco Short by American Apparel. f(x)'s Victoria wore it in their old Smoothie King CF (which I never posted because I'm lazy). Then, CSJH wore it too, in their new Music Video and multiple performances for Sunday and Dana's new track, One More Chance. This picture is Sunday, I made this find when only the teaser was out, so...

f(x)'s Krystal wore it before for Hot hot summah!

Here for purchase.

Now, for more American Apparel and repetition of images.

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In that same Smoothie King CF, Victoria wore American Apparel's Stripe Thigh-High socks.

Dal Shabet and 5dolls have worn them in other colors before.

Buy here.

Now, awkward segway into the next brand! Pinocchio find!

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f(x)'s Luna wore Steve J and Yoni P's S/S 2011 Goat crop top in their Pinocchio Promotions. For some reason, I expected this shirt to be mercibeaucoup, so it took me a while to stumble across this.

I don't have a buylink. Steve J and Yoni P are South Korean designers, so it was EXTREMELY difficult to come across images of their clothes. Which is best exemplified in my next find, but if perchance, you have a buylink, please comment below.

We posted on her jacket here.

Now more!

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CSJH's Dana wore Steve J and Yoni P's Military Jacket from their S/S 2011 collection and Sunday wore Steve J and Yoni P's Military Sleeveless Jumper from the same collection. It was actually the hardest thing to find that image for the sleeveless jumper, so I'm giving myself kudos for that...

No buylink, please comment if you have one.

Now, same thing on someone else? More Pinocchio!

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Now, I first spotted the Steve J and Yoni P Sleeveless Military Jumper on CSJH, but I thought it looked familiar, and sure enough, after going through a stock of my photos? f(x)'s Krystal wore it during Pinocchio promotions as well!

Then, to add with some Joyrich I was always too lazy to post on? She also wore Joyrich's Valerie Jumper in Multicolor. This is my favorite romper from Joyrich, and probably the only one I like... I'm not on the floral bandwagon, and I wont' be anytime soon, so the other rompers aren't my cup of tea. However, this one is CUTE.

Here's the romper, yet again no link for Steve J and Yoni P.

If you like Steve J and Yoni P, here is some of their other stuff available for sale here.

Done. Finally. I know this is kind of lame, since there are so many repeats, but you have to understand the sheer quantity of image editing and linking and citing of sources (look below) that went into this post.

Like seriously. Comment.

Oh, and if anyone cares, Jessica is currently having a very good time in Japan and binging on korean pop cd buying :D
Oh and yay for Maria being back!


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