*koff koff* Thanks very much to Eliza for this post!

I start with the Pinocchio...

Now, I'm not too sure why we didn't post this find, considering we had posted on CL's earrings and I'm pretty sure that every single one of our writers (including me) had an inkling from where it was from. However, Eliza pushed us to finally post it, heh.

2ne1's CL wore the earrings in this pattern.

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In the Pinocchio music video, f(x)'s Sulli wore a t-shirt from Ambush X Cassette Playa's SS 2011 collection.


Now for Krystal's lovely furry jacket that almost everyone proclaimed a fashion disaster! Whee~

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Krystal's jacket from Pinocchio promotions was from Jardin de Chouette's S/S 2011 which our dear Suzy from Miss A, walked for at Seoul fashion week.
Seems like this is wrong...

I don't have a buylink because I can't read korean...

Now Mona Lisa! Which the joyrich ones were pretty obvious, so shame on us writers for not posting... Mainly me, because I had it all in my folder but never bothered to post it. *sigh* But Eliza pointed out even more finds, so YAY.

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MBLAQ's Thunder wore Givenchy's Jacquard-Print Tee (S/S 2011 I think) in their Mona Lisa MV.

Buy here.


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Seungho wore Joyrich's Star Studded Motor Jacket from their S/S 2011 collection in the music video.

Many, many, many of our friends have worn it before.

*sigh* By the way, if you were interested in any of the stuff from the Shinee portion of my giant SM post, I shall be updating with buylinks...


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Mir wore Joyrich's Stars and Stripes Patch Denim Shorts from their S/S 2011 collection.

No buylink for this joyrich, because it's out of season and all the places I know are out of stock. Please comment if you HAVE a buylink.

And KTZ!

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G.O. wore a KTZ tee in the music video as well.

EDIT: Buylink!

My birthday is soon. Hm.


Credit: Jardin de Chouette, Ambush, Cassette Playa, Joyrich, KTZ, SME, J. Tune, Eliza
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