Style Watch: Sunny Hill - Midnight Circus

Some of you might know them and some of you might not.

This is Sunny Hill...

Now, I know what you're thinking (probably).

1. What on earth is Koko doing? This is not a find! Or a get the look! WHAT IS THIS NONSENSE?!
Well... I'm starting a new series so that we can all take a closer look at the work that goes into the fashion during promotions.

2. Sunny Hill? Who?
Sunny Hill used to be a ballad style group and has recently made a transformation into a co-ed pop group (with the addition of two female members) with their new title track "Midnight Circus." I myself was not familiar with this group until they made their comeback but I have decided that they're terribly underrated.

If you care to continue, read under the cut!

The group is managed by Loen Entertainment (they switched management), sound familiar? Yes, same company that manages IU. The members are [left to right] Janghyun (the guy), Kota, Jubee, Seungah, and Misung. Although Janghyun doesn't actually show up much (at all on stage).

Now! To their style! The pictures I put above are not the best examples of the style that caught my eye...

Let's begin with their styling on Music Bank...

I LOVE the styling on this performance. I actually find myself biased toward Seungah solely due to her styling...

Anyway, it's evident, beginning with this comeback stage that each member has a very specific concept.

Kota donned a leather vest (with amazing detailing) with a tanktop and tight patterned jeans. Her style is like a biker smashed with a wannabe punk plus heels. I think the use of leather with Kota is interesting, it's definitely a big part of her outfit, but they didn't go overboard (like leather from head to toe with Rania and Dr. Feel Good) so it looks classily sexy as opposed to skanky. I also appreciate the lack of exposed skin and I think it proves that women can be sexy without their midriff showing.

Jubee wore a VERY metallic purple dress with black leggings (that had some designs up the front) and shiny high-heeled booties. Jubee's face is a wee bit more mature looking than the other members, so they didn't give her anything too weird. I mean, in the idea of a circus, she probably plays one of the more "feminine" roles. I like the cut of the dress, but not the material, although she has a good figure and can pull it off well, I think too much shiny stuff is always an eyesore. Luckily, I don't think the stylists quite passed the line here, but it's definitely coming close.

Misung wore a vest with leather fringe, purple patterned jeans and heels. I like her ensemble, though it is not my favorite. I like how the outfit does no go completely into the insane concept of a midnight circus but I also think their is nothing that really stands out about her look, I mean, the fringe, kinda, but not enough.

Seungah wore a black tee with ripped short sleeves, a bejeweled denim vest, a sparkly red skirt and patterned yellow legging with heels. See how I save the best for last? I really really really (emphasis on the really) like Seungah's styling. I mean, I know red and yellow are supposed to clash, but I think it ties together really well. The look is super quirky, but still really femine, and I think it best embodies the image of the title track. Call me crazy *shrug*

Here is the performance.
Now, I'm not going to go through their styling for the next two comeback stages, because that would just make an epically long post, and I'd be saying about the same stuff. They keep Kota tomboy-ish with lots of leather, they fare better with Misung in the later stages by giving her outfits a little more kick, Seungah tends to wear sparkly or frilly skirts with leggings, Jubee tends to wear dresses or skirts that are a little safer than Seungah's crazy combos, Janghyun never shows up on stage.

Music Core here.

Inkigayo here.

One thing I'd like to make note of though...

Seungah's lipstick is fabulous.

Her face is very doll-like and the got a good shade. :D Makes me happy.

Overall, I really enjoy the fashion of Sunny Hill's performances. They all look great, and I like the subtle use of leather. I'm glad that all the girls don't look exactly the same and the stylists use all sorts of brands (none of which I have been able to spot yet). Love the concept, love the clothes, love the song. This group is MAJORLY underrated.

Plus they sing great live: MR removed.

Check out the Music Video for the great song and amazing clothes. Give them lots of love!

PLEASE tell me what you think of this post! I thought it'd be fun, plus I love me some Sunny Hill!!! Comments appreciated!


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