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Maria here.
I'm back from the hospital. Yay! This is my first post after being discharged. :)

The SM gang recently traveled to France for their SM Town 2011 France addition concert. Victoria (above) traveled without her little f(x) crew but with Super Junior. As you can probably tell she looked fabulous...even if most of her outfit was sponsored by Marc by Marc Jacobs. That was why I found her sunglasses...ps I such with sunglasses. 
Anyway from the top she wore Marc by Marc Jacobs Oversized Sunglasses for $98. Right below that was Marc by Marc Jacobs Plumage Miss Marc Tee for 118$ USD. Lastly, leveled at the hem of the tee was Marc by Marc Jacobs Blade Watch in White for 175$. 

The End. Not really.

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Image credits: nordstorm, soompi, shopbop, zappos

Maria :D

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