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key has chest shoes

SHINee is in PARIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And Key has some crazy shoes on his chest.

(click to enlarge)

Key wore an Adidas Jeremy Scott Originals by Originals Tee (Shoe Print Tee).

Buy it here.

This post was made by both Jessica AND Koko. WHOAAAAAA MIND BLOWING!!!!!

Koko: Yeah, I'm at Jessica's house right now.... And... We went a whole ten minutes without talking about kpop! I think we deserve an applause.

So. Easy find. Jessica's going to Japan soon! She's going to be within 100 miles within Shinee (and potentially 100 feet). While I'm going to lug my butt over to the West Coast of America (I'm not telling you exactly where, but you can figure that it's sorta... Westish?).

SO! Er... Jessica has nothing else to say (except for like TAEMIN SPAZZZZ). Hope you liked the post. Waugh-haugh-haugh, excited for SMTown, eternally want Krystal's legs. Bye!

--Koko and Jessica

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