It's going to be a hot hot summer... With Big red hearts

Well... Why is it that every time I say I can't find anything, something like this comes along... *sigh*

f(x) is coming BACK with their follow up track (Hot Summer) in their repackaged for Pinocchio! Heck yeah!


Anyway, obvious finds with the new cover.

(click to enlarge)

f(x)'s Amber wore Kokon To Zai's Big shirt in the Big Red Hearts Print while Sulli wore the same print, but the dress. Amber also wore a pair of Dr. Martens. (Not sure about the color, but I got a pretty close one so whatever).

Dress here. Shirt here. Boots here.

Now... This is important.

If we get any advertising opportunities with specific sites, do you think we should go for it? I mean, the advantage is that we can do more stuff, like giveaways or contests etcetera.

HOWEVER, it's also kind of selling out, and I don't want to turn into one of those sites that only posts on finds if the finds are available from that partnered site. I think this blog takes a lot of genuine interest and effort, and I don't want to lose that. What do you guys think?

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