I Spy

Hey guys, just for fun I'd thought we'd play a game. As you can guess it's "I Spy".  The rules are:
  1. I'll post a picture with multiple brands/ clothing items (pre-known to me)
  2. Some of these will already be posted on so everyone can do their recon (hint: check here OR the Tumblr)
  3. Comment or message (at the Tumblr) under this post with as many items/ brands you see.
  4. Whoever finds the most WINS! 
  5. The winner will be put in our Tumblr (kworldstyle.tumblr.com) info box each round and will be posted here. (For this one, the winner will be posted this Thursday, the 30th)
This round's photo ft. SHINee:
Hint: This picture is from their Japanese Replay promotions!

Edit: To help, here is another picture of the boys in the same outfits:
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