Horace is throwing a party

This is kind of a lousy post, but whatever.

I noticed this, but never actually posted it, so NOW IS THE TIME!

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When Key and Taemin Guest DJed on Heechul's Youngstreet radio, Shinee's Key wore Horace's Multi Versaille T-shirt.

Check it out hurr.

Then I noticed a very obvious f(x)find.

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At a performance of Pinocchio on M. Countdown, f(x)'s Luna wore Horace's Multi Animal Splat print. I cannot find the exact shirt, and it's highly possible that f(x)'s stylists did some DIYing of their own.

Buy the shirt I found here.


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4minute wore a BUNCH of Horace's S/S 2011 collection in one of their M.Countdown performances (modified of course). Here are some of the shirts they wore that don't have the same prints posted above... I'm missing Jiyoons shirt, but it's Horace too.

More info on the collection here.

And so did Jewelry on Music Bank!

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They wear so much Horace!


Credit: Mrs Key, SFI forums, Youngstreet homepage, coggles, asos, joey-ma
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