Vicky and Eungyo spent some time in the Dressroom

Hey everyone!

I'm posting early today... Whoot!

I actually found the shirt on f(x) first, then I woke up this morning and saw it in 5dolls' new promo pics!


f(x)'s Victoria wore a W.Dressroom shirt at a fansigning event on May 5th.

5dolls/Co-ed's Eungyo sported the same shirt for their "Like this Like that" Promotional pictures!

Then again, its possible that their shirts are from a different brand, because W. Dressroom loves to copy other brands.

The shirt is available at W.Dressroom's website.

I'm pretty excited for 5dolls comeback... How about you guys? Comment below if you want... Wheee.... Sorry sorry sorry boy~


Credits: Aff(x)tion forums (Denise original image), Allkpop (images), W.Dressroom
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