I'm starting to run out of back up posts...

So GIANT post today!

I actually really like Daeguk-NamAh, so I don't know why I didn't watch their pv...

Anyhoo! Lots of finds from D-NA/DGNA/THE BOSS's debut Japanese PV! Love POWER!

I mean... they're obvious but still...

I will start with the dancer, Jay.

Jay wore shorts by KTZ in their Big Blue Hearts pattern, unfortunately, I don't have a buylink or an image or the shorts, but that there is a dress in the same print.

Injoon wore some pretty familiar pieces of clothing:

He wore Joyrich x Giza's Dinosaur Jacket in white. Which is previously worn by f(x)'s Krystal. Also available here.

and Cheap Monday's “Tight Graphic Printed” Jeans... Perhaps the ladies version? Check it out here.

and Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars (in teal). Hurr.

Then, Karam wore KTZ's Emblem Cardigan in Red. You can get the gray version here.

Then Hyunmin wore KTZ's Track Pants with Emblems. Available here.

And maybe Joyrich's Stars & Stripes Patch Denim Jacket (the wash is different). Check it out here.


I have Mika... Kinda.

His backpack is in Gerlan Jeans's Logo Print. No buy link... The site I usually use is out of stock.

If you have any buy links, please comment below!


Credits: Cheap Monday, Faketokyo, Openingceremony, Prettypennies, Converse, D-NA
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