Shinee Tee Time

I originally wasn't going to post anything, because I couldn't find anything...

But look what happens when you give me an hour with internet... And Shinee... Fuu~

I promise tomorrow's find won't be Shinee... hopefully.

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At the Yonsei University Severance Hospital Event Key wore a Led Zeppelin Shirt.

Minho wore the very same shirt at the Miss Chunhyang along with the Joyrich Jacket we posted on before. You can get the shirt at Urban Outfitters here.

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At a Samsung Event, Key sported Joyrich's Sequined Performer Cardigan (not to be confused with the jacket). Can't find a buylink, please comment if you've got one.

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Then again, at the same event, Jonghyun wore a KISS army shield t-shirt. You can find it here.

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Same event? Onew wore Joyrich's Matadora Jacket (not to be confused with the cardigan), a Ramones Shirt (can't find link), and Cheap Monday's front lace-up jeans (worn before by Jang Geun-Suk, himself and key).

The jacket in gold is available here. The jeans are here (they're last season, so the link may be out of stock).

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Then later, at the same event that Minho wore that Joyrich jacket. He wore a Ramones shirt that you can check out here.

That took SO LONG! You guys should worship me... No not really. Please comment though.


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