Shinee at the Airport: 1

I kind of have to tell you how this post happened...

I was watching a fancam of Taemin at Incheon Aiport as the Shinee Boys were leaving for Japan. So I was like "Oooh there's text on his shirt! Too bad his hood is down." Then he put up his hood and I was like "AAAASERKNPOGHAKSNCP!!!!" So then I went picture hunting for Shinee at Incheon... So I found the hoodie...

(click to enlarge)

Taemin wore Attic's OG Logo Zip-Up Hoody. You can buy it (with won) here.

Attic tends to write "Attic" in HUGE-ASS letters on their products...

Then I went Onew hunting because his shirt had text (and that's almost always a surefire way to find clothing)... But all that showed up was baby clothing with the same design.

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Then I found the brand and subsequently found out the shirt was Steve Doore's Ooga Booga T-shirt. Purchasable here.

Now the last two were just dang obvious, but I am posting them anyway.

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Minho wore Ray Bans (I think they're the RB2140 Original Wayfarers but I don't know for sure). You can check them out here.

(click to enlarge)

Then Jonghyun wore Dr. Dre's Beat Headphones in Black. Buy 'em here. The lavender ones are pretty sick...

Now for all you Jongkey fans? COUPLE SHIRTS! Unfortunately I didn't find them because I'm lazy...


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