HardCORE Adidas

Haha, do you see that pun in the title? Hahahaa....

Anyways, I know I said in the chatbox that I probably wouldn't make a post until monday...

I guess it's such a good thing that I'm horrible at making promises...

So here goes the find!

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On Music Core, Shinee's Minho wore Adidas Originals' Wings Moto Pant and Star Wars Camo Stormtrooper Tee.

Tee here and Pants here.


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Shinee's Onew wore Adidas Originals' Star Wars Storm Trooper Sweatshirt (I don't know the exact name cuz' I suck). Then! T-ara's Jiyeon wore Adidas Originals' w stripe tee (which Minzy wore before, but we didn't post on because she wore it for an Adidas ad).

No buylink for the sweatshirt, but there's more info here. I can't view Jiyeon's shirt in my country, so if you have a buylink, please do comment.

You would think I like Music Core best, but I actually like Inkigayo. I think the cameraman for Inki is better, and I have just been strangely biased toward the show at the start (SBS has all the great shows... Running Man...). However, as much as I love me some Sulli...

I totally like the MuCore MCs better, and not just because of shinee (although Onew plays a part). Would you believe me when I tell you it's because of Jiyeon? That girl looks AMAZING every time she mcs. They need to style her like that during promotions.

Nothing against Suzy or anything, she's really pretty too... But I prefer Jia from Miss A, the girl looks good in ANYTHING!

Comment with what you think! Inki or MuCore? Jia or Suzy?


Credits: Adidas, Juicymagazine
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