f(x) is CHICKEN!!!

To celebrate my love for chicken, I am posting on finds from f(x)'s chicken mania cf!


Victoria wore Wildfox Couture's Bisous Sweatshirt. Here it is in Gray.

Sulli wore Wildfox Couture's Smiles Sweatshirt... Guess who can't find a buylink? Comment if you've got one!

Lastly, Luna wore Lauren Moshi's Pink Poodle Dreaming shirt. Which we have found on T-ara's Eunjung before... Here's a buylink for the black version.


Credits: someone's tumblr (for Onew Macro, sorry, can't get the url b/c my computer is freaking out), Lauren Moshi, Wildfox Couture,Chicken Mania

p.s. my internet stinks, so I may or may not post tomorrow...
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