Bubbly Fleamadonna Sistar!

My first Sistar find!

I'm making more posts today to make up for my lack of posting the other day...

I know I'm kind of late on this, but I don't really follow Sistar. Not a big fan of the brave sound...

However, I DO listen to remixes, and one of favorite remixers uploaded a teaser, so of course I went and watched the original video.

He was right, the song/choreo is kind of a waste of sexy girls...

Yeah! Fleamadonna!

Sistar's Hyorin wore Fleamadonna's Bubble Mini-dress from their F/W 2010 collection in the group's sub-unit-- Sistar19's debut video, My Boy.

I noticed the material of Hyorin's dress and though it resembled the dress, but I also thought the spaces on the sides of the dress were strange, but I had never really looked into the dress. I went to Fleamadonna's site to check it out and was pleasantly surprised. I should have known that anything from Fleamadonna would have a fashionable twist.

Check out the dress here.

I do like the red leather glove with the dress, but it's very... 4minute-esque.

Please check out the remix if you're interested.


Credits: Areia, Fleamadonna,Starship Entertainment
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