My lack of post yesterday and a 100 point giraffe

Well, I had a post planned for yesterday, but Jessica posted it first.

I will post it again, along with an additional find(repeat).

Then, I will do a request :)

Jongkey is back! Key wore Jeremy Scott's Fries tracksuit top for Adidas (posted by Jessica here). You can buy this baby here. Same day, different picture :D

and wore a shirt that we already knew he had. Ground Zero's Follow Me Tee available here.

Okee doke. Now for todays post.

Requested by Judy

I actually noticed this a while ago, but I didn't think anybody cared.

The shirt was worn on an episode of All My Love as well (episode 8).

The cast of Oh! My school/ 100 points out of 100 wore Pancoat's Popdotty crewneck.

Those that wore Baby Pink: Kim Shinyoung, Secret's Hyosung, T-ara's Soyeon, Park Kyung Lim, MBLAQ's GO, and Kim Hyeongchul

Those that wore sky blue: Supreme Team's Simon D, Miss A's Min, Kim Gyeongjin, Guzal, Beast's Yoseob

This was a really funny episode:)

No buy link because I stink.


P.S. Didn't tag everybody b/c blogger wouldn't let me: Also included, PKL and Kim Gyeongjin, Guzal, Shinyoung and Kim Hyeongchul sorry!

Credits: Ebay (for color differentiation), Pancoat, 100 points out of 100, KBS, Youtube (for guest differentiation), Key's Me2day, Adidas
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