Kaal Victoria at Ground Zero

Mmph. Double tip.

Jae on the dress.

Sophie on the collection of the jacket.

by the way... The excessive amount of Krystal in the banners is not because she's my bias, but because Krystal has the best screencaps and photos for manipulating.

f(x)'s Victoria wore Ground Zero's Ultrasoft Tank Long Dress in "KL" Print from their 2011 S/S Collection along with Kaal E'Suktae's Jacket contraption (that's not the official name) from the S/S 2011 collection.

The Ground Zero is here. I have no link for Kaal E'Suktae.

f(x) wore quite a bit of Kaal E'Suktae... I shall post on it later today.


Credits: SME, Venn Diagrams (for images), Kaal E' Suktae, doshaburi, sophie, jae
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