Halfhearted Gangsta Boy Post

Well... I originally wasn't going to bother, but now I'm going to half bother because there's one find that I'm fairly proud of.

The Pics are from f(x)'s Gangsta Boy comeback stage... Weird song it is.

All the shoes (With maybe an exception of Amber's) are Adidas. I'm not posting pictures because that's five searches right there. You can google it for yourself... Er... Something.

Pants: I'm fairly sure those harem pants are joyrich, they just... Look really joyrich, and I would find pictures, but I can't seem to get any. No buy links either, which makes me guess that their from the new 2011 S/S line and are not available for purchase yet. (Tell me if I'm wrong please)

Amber's hoodie is also joyrich, although you can't really see it in the pictures.

Luna's hat is for sure Joyrich. I actually got a picture hurr.

I also really want to say Amber's jacket is from mercibeaucoup. Just look at the print. Unfortunately, the chance of me being wrong is very high.

EDIT: Lucy let me know I was wrong... Ehehe. Told you this was a half-hearted post.

It's actually from JoyrichxGiza and a japanese link is hurr.

I still like the Mercibeaucoup hoodie better

Then, this is what I'm proud of. Look at Sulli's hat.

And after googling like a boss?

Look at that! The hat is by Bernstock Speirs, they make some pretty cute hats.


Credits: Crazycarrot (for youtube video), Victoria's me2day, bernstock speirs, joyrich, mercibeaucoup, adidas
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