Get the Look: Nu ABO SULLI!

I think someone wanted me to do this quicker, so I did :D

Oh my god I love F(x)'s stylists and totally want to punch them at the same time for making me do this =.=

Hair Dyes: O.O Four hair dyes... I think that's a new record...
Blond-- She wore a wig for Nu ABO promotions, so this is the blond wig color. Garnier Nurtrisse's Exra-light Ash Blond White Chocolate. $6.97.
Brown-- For when she wasn't wearing the wig? Garnier Herbashines Light Natural Brown.$7.99.
Blond Highlights-- Garnier Nutrisse's Pralines n' Cream. $6.91.
Yellow Tip-- Woo-hoo yellow dye! If you don't like this... I don't know, dip your hair in a bottle of paint? $11.64. (I know, expensive, but it's like, a whole pot of the stuff)

See-through Shirts: Sulli wears a see through hoodie thing from Jeremy Scott. I tried to find a cheap mesh hoodie, but no... So you could go with American Apparel's lace sweater. $42.
OR A cheaper option... Forever21's Ribbons and lace top. $15.80.

Shirt: Yeah... Striped shirt. You could really wear any white based t-shirt for this. 11.80 CAD.

Skirts: Two options... Although you can't really see the second one. You could either go with the plain black layered mesh skirt. $28.
OR That thing in the corner. it's a polka-dot layered skirt. $22.

Sulli is wearing fleamadonna, but who needs planet leggings?! You could go with these cute holey ones... 23 CAD.

Sneakers: Go floral. 13 CAD.
OR just get white sneakers (this pair is REALLY pricey, but I was too lazy to find another pair). $325.80 (!).
NOW! About these! Tie a pink ribbon on one of the shoes and a black one on the other, because that's the point of Sulli's shoes.

Bracelets: There's a gothic stretchy bracelet. $13.
AND/OR this faux pearl bracelet. 7.80 CAD.

Necklace: Finally, the fake pearl necklace :D. $9.99.


Macro to cheer me up :)

Who's excited for f(x)'s comeback?! ME! I love their style! I wanna try and got mostly through these by their comeback stage!


P.S. My posts seem exceedingly long, should I do some sort of cut (like an lj cut) or leave it as it is? (COMMENT BELOW PLZ)

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