Gangsta... 2

f(x) loves not only joyrich, but ktz...

But only when they're performing gangsta boy.

So giant post here!

All the clothing is from f(x)'s performance of Gangsta Boy on m countdown.

Sulli shirt is KTZ's unisex pink rose t-shirt from their S/S 2011 collection.
You can get it here.

Amber's shirt is Joyrich's Big Tee in Black. You can get it href="">here.

Amber's shorts and jacket are from KTZ's S/S 2011 collection as well (in the pattern black and white linen). You can look at the collection here.

As a note...

On the last performance of Gangsta Boy, Krystal's hat was from KTZ's S/S 2011 collection. I think it's cute, I like the horns.

In both performances, Luna wore the same hat and so did Sulli. We posted on them before.


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