dreaming high until you crash...joking

Request by abc

- Hyemi's (Suzy) backpack in episode 12 of Dream High

To be honest, I had not watched one episode of this show. I'm too afraid to get addicted.

So much Joyrich lately, it is like Joyrich galore. Though you are probably sick of it (joking) more coming your way...kinda. Not really.

If you did not know, Dream High was being sponsored by Lesportsac. Many of their shoes, backpacks, tees, sweatshirts and jackets are from LeSportsac. Like the one above which is a request from abc. It is from the newest collection of a collaboration of LeSportsac x Joyrich for their Spring 2011 collection. Currently in stores and online. The one above's name is Pink Leopard and is priced for 158$ USD here. 

cr: lesportsac, nitrolicious, livejournal

Maria :D

Sorry for the hold up on new tales of gisaeng, having troubles finding screencaps.

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