2ne1 head to toe!


Okay, well, Maria posted about some of this clothing earlier, so if you're interested in something I didn't post, she may have mentioned it already.

Appreciate this! These posts take SO LONG!

2ne1 wore a lot of recognizable clothing in their "Don't Stop the Music" promo pics.

I think we already posted on these shoes, but eh, there was no pic of the 2ne1 girls, so this makes it easier.

All four girls wore Jeremy Scott's License plate sneakers for Adidas (no buylink, comment if you've got one).

Next! CL from head to toe!

Wahahaha! Haahaha!

The shirt is from Gerlan Jeans F/W 2010 collection (Seriously I know that brand like the back of my hand). Look here!

The strange vest pillow thing and the pants I THINK are from Andrea Crews F/W 2011. Not positive since in looks slightly different, but whatever. Check out the collection here.

Now! Minzy from head to toe!

Minzy is wearing what a lot of us define as the Jongkey couple shirt... But more people identify simply as the "Jeremy Scott T-shirt" From his 2010/2011 fall collection. No buy link :(

Leggings are Jeremy Scott's too... They are his Phone Print Leggings from his Mouse Trap collection. No buy link...

woot woot!

Bom is already mapped from head to toe (if you include Maria's post)

Now, Dara? Yeah I'm too lazy to find everything she's wearing, but I know her shirt :D.

Shirt is Gerlan Jeans F/W 2009 Collection. Look here.

Whew... Done

Easy peasy but a ton of image editing :(


Credits: Adidas, Gerlan Jeans, Andrea Crews, YG
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