"true love forevermore the no 1 word of passion"

Happy Be-lated Valentine's Day

Break it down now.
Recently, on the female populated variety show - Heroes, our heroines challenged the world of break-dancing. 
The episode prior on 110227, they were practicing their b-girl moves. T-ara's Jiyeon while practicing was wearing a special holiday addition cropped tee from H&M
H&M premiered a Valentine's collection consisting of a tote, a purse, two bodysuits, a cropped tee, a tee, a necklace and some romantic underwear. Sadly, this collection is not available online anymore nor is it for men.
The tee Jiyeon was wearing is called (I believe) True Love Forevermore - The No 1 Word of Passion. From a conversion from DKK, the tee is around 18$ USD. Since no online seller is available, hopefully there is a H&M store near you. 

Also, it is available in black. 
And the rest of the collection.

Credits: Nitrolicious, naver and polyvore

Maria :D
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