Poodle Dreaming

Hi everyone. 
Maria here. I finally found time to post here. Yay. 
I believe Dream High already passed but I just got to know it. I saw a whole bunch of screencaps and I don't think it's my cup of tea. 
But anyway it stars many idols including Eunjung, Suzy, Wooyoung and IU. A lot of Suzy's coats are Juicy Couture, you would be surprised.

In episode 2 of Dream High where Eunjung cut her friendship pigtails, she wore an extremely amazing shirt. Too bad, I could not get good screen caps of it. It is adorable and really intricate in design. It is by Lauren Moshi called Pink Poodle Long Sleeve Classic Tee. Sadly, the pink version is not available - only the black here. So here it is for 112$.

A little info: Lauren Moshi is an American brand consisting of a duo - Michael and Lauren. Every design on every piece of clothing is an original hand drawn work of art. Because of their finer details and intricate designs, Lauren Moshi is a favourite amongst celebrities. 

Credits: [email protected] for the images

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