Junhyung, Key, and KTZ... FURY!

I don't think a post has ever annoyed me quite so much...


Well anyway, I found time to post, so be grateful! I probably will not have internet access until I get back to school, so the other writers will have to take over my load for the remainder of the week. I will check in and chat in the chat box, but I will not post daily.

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Okay, so I spotted Key at Sukira and I was like... Hm, I've seen that pattern, and sure enough, I had seen it on Beast's Junhyung in an airport selca.

I also immediately knew it was Kokon To Zai.

easy huh?


The jacket is the bijoux pattern. I found the pattern really easy but... DANGIT THE JACKET IS DENIM! WHY ARE THERE NO DENIM BIJOUX JACKETS ANYWHERE! (insert more capslocking and screaming here).

So... Long story short. The jacket is denim, I can't find it, no one can find it, so I present you with a hoodie instead... :(

Please, please, please, comment below if you have a buylink, otherwise I might shoot myself in the foot.


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